pro-ed and its Luxembourg/German partner created ISA-D, a comprehensive testing programme in German, based on ACER’s ISA, the International Student Assessment for 15-year olds.

Like its parent ISA, it is conceptually linked with PISA in Maths- and Reading literacy, but designed and applicable for all grades from the age of 8.
The important novelty is the capacity of assessing the students’ Writing Literacy, the big domain still missing in PISA, which we can do in German in the narrative and argumentative aspects.

See both covers of the full test-book for 15-year olds


 and each cover of the test booklets used to test Writing Literacy

The testing programme was successfully implemented in schools in Austria, and in international German and Swiss schools. Insufficient funding, even though schools had expressed their continued support, has been the cause that we no longer can offer it on a regular basis.

But do write to us, if interested.