Graphic Novel, Graphic Story Telling and Music

The project’s design involves artists and language teachers who work with children and youths in school and out-of-school settings. It was tested successfully in Vienna classes with refugee children from Syria, Afghanistan etc., and is generally applicable in culturally diverse settings in schools and institutions.

The progress made by our students is extraordinary, and encouraged the Vienna School Board and congenial partners in the UK, in Italy, Germany, Malta and Spain, to co-operate in a European BEST-PRACTICE-for-DIVERSITY curricular module for pre-schools, primary and secondary education and comparable institutions.

We are currently working on extending the project by adding music as a cultural connector.

Your ideas are most welcome!

See some of the drawing by kids and youths in Safwan’s care:

Finally safe –  a small selection of photos from the more than 400 Graphic Novel pictures from a school in Vienna, where graphic artist and teacher Safwan Alshoufi instructs his students how to draw from their own personal history.

IMG_3181IMG_3164galleryImage_224x144IMG_3142IMG_0029IMG_3155IMG_3144 IMG_3156IMG_3141IMG_3138


In-school graphic artist: Safwan Alshoufi, B.A.

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